High and Holy…

photo by Link Taylor

photo by Linc Taylor

(an acrostic prayer)

High and holy God, Father and creator of us all, we worship You today!

Interrupt our over-busy lives with the stillness of Your peace, Father.

Greater than all our anxious thoughts and prideful sins, O God, we come to see and to hear You in Your word today.

Hear us as we repent of our selfish ways, that we might again enjoy Your presence, O Lord.

Align our thoughts with Your thoughts, O God, that we may be what You want us to become.

New beings in You, O God, is what we seek as we confess and worship today!

Deliver Your church from the evils of this world, that it might be the light You mean for it to be.

High and holy is Your name, O God. May we always seek to lift high Your name as we walk this sod.

Open the floodgates of Your grace and mercy on us, Lord, when we are tempted to dwell in the land of our past mistakes and sins.

Lead us in the promised land that You have given to Your children. Help us not to be afraid of where You are leading!

You are our high and holy God, Father. Hear our prayers today as we worship You!

                 In the High and Holy name of Jesus, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…


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