Sing We NOEL…

Rocky Sunset-Shellie Ridenhour

(an acrostic prayer)

Son of God, incarnate, we come through You to worship the Father in the power of Holy Spirit.

Instill in us the mystery of Your salvation, O God. May we come to better understand Your first advent among us.

Name us among Your children, O God. We want to sing Your noel among us as we worship You.

Grieving, we are grieving as we look on Your world as see what is happening and we wonder when You will come again, Father.

We long to sing Your songs again, at home with You, dear God. Even so, come quickly.

Enlarge our capacity to love as You love, to show Your joy, to shower grace as You drip it all around us.

Nudge us from our comfortable-ness in to the world that needs to see You. May we be useful to You to lead others to worship You.

Open the floodgates of Your great love, once again, Father and help us to sing of You today.

Effuse through us Your great love for mankind. May we exhibit You to this world as we sing Your noel.

Let us bow down and sing Your noel as we worship and praise You today, O God of life!

In the name of the first noel, we sing and pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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