Tethered to God…


(an acrostic prayer)

To You, O God, we lift our unholy hands to ask for cleansing as we come to worship You today!

Enter our human experience with the washing of Your Spirit’s power as we hear Your word today.

Take away the scars of our sin as we confess those sins to You and ask for forgiveness.

Hold us in the palm of Your hand, Father, as we long to trust and, yes, even obey, as we lean into You today.

Enter into our space and time again, Father, right now. We ask You to renew, to calm and to love us again.

Remove the fog of this world’s messages from our eyes as we seek to see and to hear You in this time of worship and time beyond.

Enthuse us with the power of Your Holy Spirit to be more of You and less of us as we are in the world, Father.

Deliver us from temptation, O God, and help us to see Your path that You are leading us to daily.

Tether us to You, Father. As children we tend to wander away, pull us back, O God. We miss the fellowship with You when we stray.

Open our eyes, again, Father, that we may catch a glimpse of what You are doing in this world.

Grab us by the collar, Father, when we seem insensitive to Your will for us and for each other. May we come to sense Your awakening us to You!

Order our lives, O God, that we may be useful to You and Your kingdom’s work here on this earth.

Descend upon us in Your Spirit’s power and presence as we want to be near You today and forevermore, dear Father.

We pray in the name of the only One who takes us to You, Father, even Jesus, Your Son. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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