Out of Plumb…

plumb bob

(an acrostic prayer)

Only out of the abundance of Your love and mercy, dear God, have we made our way into Your presence to worship You!

Unto You, and You alone, is due our praise, Father! We have been too long leaning into ourselves. We have become undone.

Take us into Your care, O God, for we have failed in our own attempts to remain upright and plumb with You, Father.

Open, once again, to us the splendor and wonder of Your word as we earnestly come to listen. May Your Spirit, lead, guide and test us today as we come under Your will.

Forgive our foolishness in setting ourselves up as the plumb line for our lives. May we kneel again in Your presence to find Your will for our lives.

Plumb the depths of our hearts and soul as we wait upon You this hour, Father.  Help us to see where we need Your correction.

Lift us from the miry clay of our crumbling foundation and set us on the true foundation of Your word.

Under the shadow of death we stand, Father. We confess we are not what You want us to be. We long to be under Your wings of mercy and love, Father.

Measure us, Father. Inspect our hearts and search our souls to see if there is any useful part and purge those parts that are out of plumb with You, O God.

Be the guardian of our ways, O Lord! We need Your mercy and grace to keep us in Your will, Father. We thank You for hearing us as we pray.

          We prayer in the name of Your plumb line, even Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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