Smith Mountain Lake Sunrise-Lanny Dejarnette

(photo-Lanny Dejarnette)

(an acrostic prayer)

Precious Lord, Heavenly Father, we come to worship in the spirit of Your holiness this hour.

Remove the guilt of our sins, O God, as we confess our sins to You even now. Accept our pleas and intercessions, dear Father.

Enter into our souls, Father, to guide, to prepare and to cleanse us as we wait on You. Thank You for Your presence here with us.

Shower us, once again, with Your mercy and grace that we might live in Your presence daily, O God.

Empty us of ourselves, our own presence, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit that we may be useful in Your kingdom’s work today.

Never alone are the least of Your children, Father. May we feel and know Your loving presence in order to share it with others today.

Create in us clean hearts today, O God, as we worship that we might use those clean hearts to bring others to You.

Enthralled, we are, O Father, that You would love enough to save us and to redeem us by the blood of Your Son. With thankfulness and praise we welcome Your presence today.

In the name of the only presence that fills, forgives and saves, we pray! Amen!!

The Path Continues...


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