Anne Coates Photo 1

photo: Anne Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, we are here in Your holy presence with praise on our lips as our hearts feed our expressions with hosannas and joyful worship!

Opulent is the feeling of Your supplying our every need that we may have, O Father. Your presence is all we need.

Send us from this place, still basking in Your presence, to sing to the entire world Your arrival in our hearts today. May we be instruments in Your hands for the building of Your kingdom!

Abet our weary souls by Your grace and mercy, O Lord. May we seek Your face even in the midst of the world’s discouragement.

Naked we stand before you, clothed only in our sins and unrighteousness. Look on us Lord, and clothe us in Your love and righteousness.

Nullify the world’s alluring temptations with Your holy word, O God! Cause us to remember and to live Your will for us written in Your blood.

Acclaiming You, O Father, we lift up our songs, our prayers, our confessions and our intercessions to You. For You are the only God who hears and answers and saves through the blood of Your son, Jesus Christ. Hosanna. Hosanna. Hosanna, in Your name, O God!

The Path Continues…


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