He IS Risen…

Sunrise-Christy Wright-Sept 25, 2013
photo: Christy Wright

(an acrostic prayer)

High and Holy God, Father of Your Risen Son, Jesus Christ, we come to say thank you for this day; the day we once again celebrate Your love and grace for us.

Emerging out of the fog of our sin-filled night of denial before Your resurrection, we long for eyes to be opened so that we may see You in Your glory, O God.

Imperishable You are, Father. You have promised that we can put on imperishableness as we come to You in repentance and humility.  O Lord, we come today!

Support in the overwhelming flood of sin in which we live and are exposed to each day in this world, Father. We sink without Your hand to save us.

Remake us in the mold of Your Son, Jesus Christ, O Lord! We long to be like You in this resurrection day, O God. We know we are not gods, but You are the one and only God and You have the power to remake, to cleanse and to renew us.  Thank You, Father.

Individually we ask for forgiveness even as we view Your love for us in the risen Christ. May we show Him to this world through the life You call us to live and to lead in the light of His resurrection.

Story us, Father, with Your will and Your way. Put into us Your story for the people You have for each of us to share You with today.

Empty us of our selfishness and our desire to be number-one and indwell us with Your Spirit that we may seek Your face on this resurrection day and each day that you leave us here on this sod.

Number us among those who believe in You through Your Son, Jesus Christ through the power of Your Holy Spirit, dear God. He Is Risen! He Is Risen, Indeed! Amen and Amen!

The Path Continues…


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