No Ordinary Man…


photo: Hammond A Coates, Crabtree Falls, Nelson County, Virginia

(an acrostic prayer)

Narrow our focus, O God, as we come in humility to offer our praise to You through Your Son, Jesus, and by the conviction of Your Holy Spirit.

Order our ways so they coincide with Your will for us, even as we bow in prayer and adoration, Father.

Obese we have become in our own selfish concerns and we have neglected You! Forgive us, O Lord!

Refresh Your children today, O Father, in this time of worship, for we long to be touched by You.

Dissolve our stubborn wills with Your mercy and grace, O God. Show us again that You are not an ordinary man, but You are God, and we are not.

Image us with a heart that has as its likeness, You! May others see Jesus in us, even now as we worship, Father.  We long to be known as Yours.

Noise, we succumb to the noise of Satan in our world, Father.  Help us to have ears to hear Your still small voice instead of this world’s loud voice.

According to Your Holy Word, O God, help us to live, not as ordinary people, but as children of the king.  Help us not to be ordinary people who call themselves Christian.

Recognize us through the blood of Your son, Father. May we be as white as snow as You look on us through him, O God!

Yielded, we want to be yielded to You, Father. Our world has done away with the concept of yielding in favor of merging all things together, Father.  Help us to be unordinary by our yielded-ness to You.

Muddy, we are, O God, from wallowing in the sins of this world. Pluck us from the miry pits and wash us clean.

Attune our ears to Your calling, that we may indeed be useful to You for having been in this place at this time.

Nothing ordinary about this time, O God. We rise to lift up Your son, Jesus as we worship.  May we smell as a sweet savor in Your nostrils today, O God!

In the name of no ordinary man, even Jesus, the Christ, we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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