Son of God…

Crabtree Falls, Nelson County, VA

photo: Hammmond A Coates, Crabtree Falls, Nelson County, Virginia

(an acrostic Prayer)

Savior and Lord, Son of God, sender of God’s Spirit, we come to bow in worship to say, “We Love You, Lord.”

Over the multitude of our sins, we ask You to pour Your blood to cleanse us in Your grace and mercy.

Navigate us through the turmoil of this world into the still waters and green pastures of Your path, O God.

Open to us again, the crystal fountains of Your cleansing water’s flow, O Lord, that we may drink of You instead of this world’s water.

Fragmented we have become, O Lord. We seek your healing hands of mercy and love to put us back together, for Your sake.

Garnish us with Your presence today, O Lord, that the world would see You as we reflect Your love, grace and mercy through our present lives.

Ooze from us, Father, into this world as we live our lives so that it would see Jesus, Your Son, living out Your will in us. May what we do here at this place lift Him, Jesus Your Son, up to bring glory and honor to You, O Father.

Duplicate Your Son in Your children today, O God. We long to be like Him.

In the name of Your Son, we pray, with thanksgiving.  Amen!

The Path Continues..


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