In His Time…

Amy Wiley Photo

photo: Amy Wiley

(an acrostic prayer)

In the presence of Your holiness and beauty we come to say we love You, dear Father.

Narrow our thoughts and our hearts that we might be very present to You in this Your time, O God.

Hallowed is this time, Father. Anytime we can sit at Your feet and be silent and listen to You, it is a special time, Lord. Help us to hear today.

Idle our over-busy minds, just now, Father. Help us to be in Your time as You instruct us from Your word today.

Sanctuary us in Your grace and mercy that we may show Your grace and mercy to this troubled word, Father.

Tear us from the sinful temptations that are too close in this world in which we live, O God. Remake us in Your image, even today.

Infect us with the contagion of Your love, dear God, that in these difficult times, we would be known as Your children by our love.

Mingle us into this world, in these times, to bring us to the sinner, the lost and the confused, Father.

Explode the myths of our sins, Father, that we might see You working in us in this Your time, even now!

In the name of the one who created time itself, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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