The Word of God…

Amy Wiley Photo Dam

photo: Amy Wiley 

(an acrostic prayer)

Tender us Your ear, O Lord of Hosts, as we come out of this world with its many voices.  May we hear Your voice over all the murmur of this world through Your word today, O God.

Heavy are the temptations which the words of this world lay at our feet daily, Father. May Your promises provide us a way of escape.

Encircle us, around and about, with the word You have for us today. May Your Spirit lead us and interpret Your word to our lives today.

Withdraw Your judgment from us, O God, we beg, as we come in repentance of our sins. We have listened too long to the sounds and allures of this world. Forgive us, Lord for Your names sake.

Opaque is our vision, Father. We have allowed this world to cloud our eyes. We ask for the renewed vision only Your word can bring, even today, O God.

Rain Your wisdom and Your grace and Your mercy down on us as we wait before you, Father.

Declare Your righteousness among Your people again today as You are praised, adored and worshipped, Father.

Occupy us, Father! Inhabit our thoughts, our prayers, our praises and our petitions as we worship only You, Father.

Forgive our foolish ways, O God, out of the abundance of Your mercy and love for us, Your children.

Garment us in the white-robbed garments of the forgiven, dear Father. May this world see and know we are Yours, O God.

Odor us with the fragrance of Your love and mercy among us today, O God!

Distinguish us by Your love found in Your word to us, Father, even Jesus Christ Your Son! May this world know You by knowing us, O God!

           In the name of the Your Word, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen and Amen!

The Path Continues…

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