Jesus, My Friend…

Red Maple alongside Crabtree Falls

photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Jehovah God, ruler of the universe, we come to worship You and only You today through Your Son, Jesus Christ and in the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Envious of the stillness You require, we come to lay down our busyness and constant motion to be still and know You, Father.

Save us through the blood of Your Son, Jesus.  He calls us friend, Father. May we be friends to You as we worship today.

Usher us into Your presence, Father, by the leading and urging of Your Spirit.  May we sense Your love, mercy and grace, even now, O Lord.

Send us in the same power that calls us to show Your love to this world in which we live. We need your “alongside-ness,” Father.

Move us from selfishness to friendliness, Father. A friendliness that looks after those in need and helps those who need You.

Your requirements of love, justice and mercy are ever before us, Father. Help us to allow You to live them through us today.

Forget our sins, Father. We know Your Son’s blood will cover us if we repent. May we be seen through His sinless life as worthy to be called Your friends today. Father forgive us!

Remove the darkness from our eyes that we may see the who, what, when and where of Your will for us today, O God!

Instruct us again through Your word today, O God. May our hearts, souls and minds be attuned to You today.

Enter into our consciousness to awaken us to Yourself as we strive to be still and know as we are known.

Nailed to a cross, forsaken by His earthly friends, yet Your Son called them friends, Father. May we somehow come to understand just a portion of that kind of love, Father, as we live for You in this world.

Damnation is what we deserve, O Father.  Help us as we examine ourselves today in the light of Your word to fall on Your Son’s blood and be covered to rise pure in Your sight, Father.

We pray with thanksgiving for Your forgiveness and mercy, Father and in the name of our friend, even Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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