Bless the Lord…

photo: Cindy Adams Hennigh

photo: Cindy Adams Hennigh

(an acrostic prayer)

Blessed Savior, Son of God, savior of us all, we come to pray in Your name, to worship You, to bless Your holy name.

Lead us from the sinful path that we have walked, into Your path of grace and mercy, Father.

Enthuse us by Your Spirit, that we might encourage those we meet, to trust in You, dear Father.

Saturate us with power of Your Spirit that we might allow You to bless others through us, O God!

Segregate us from Satan as we strive to show You to this sinful world, Father. May we allow You to be our defense and stay.

Temper us by the fire of Your word, O God! May we come through Your purifying love and mercy and be found useful to You!

Hallowed be Your name, O Lord. We want to be a blessing to You as You seek to save and restore those who do not know You through Your Son.

Exhibit through us Your love, Your mercy, Your forgiveness, and Your grace, O God.

Longing to see you face to face, Father, we seek to be with You and to be used in Your kingdom’s work, even here, even now!

Occupy our minds today, Father. May we be ever conscious of Your Spirit’s leading in our everyday lives.

Rain Your cleansing mercy and grace down on Your children today, O God. May we reflect You to our world today.

Defer Your judgment on those who do not accept You today and give us the courage to go to them that You might save, even as You use us to share Your love to them!

In the name that is blessed above all other names, even Jesus Christ, Your Son, we pray.  Amen

The Path Continues…


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