Holding On…

photo: Hammond Coates

photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, You who hold out Your hands to us through Your Son, Jesus, we have come to worship and praise You today in a spirit of adoration and thanksgiving.

Out of our sinfulness we reach out to You and thank You for holding on to us Your children.  Thank You for Your cleansing forgiveness and Your overwhelming mercy, Father.

Let the loving grasp of Your hands pull us closer to You, dear Father. We need to be held on to, O God.

Deliver us from the grasp of the world’s clutches, O God. The world’s hold on us is so powerful at times, that we fall into it’s influence. Forgiveness through Your grace is what we plead for today, O God.

Issue to us, again, the assurance of Your holding on to us, Father. Our minds wander as we see and hear the sirens of this sinful world.

Naïve we are, Father, for we think we can stand on our own.  We think we need no one holding on to us to keep us from falling further into sin.

Grasp us tighter, Father, when we struggle and sink deeper into our prideful selves. We need Your firm hold on us.

Open our eyes that we may see our sinful selves so that we may allow Your spirit to guide and to teach us Your will, O God.

Notwithstanding our sin, Father, save us in Your hands of grace and mercy.  Thank You for holding on to us. We praise You! We love You! We worship You, O Lord!

In the name of the one who reaches out and holds us in the palm of his hand, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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