Photo: Hammond Coates

Photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Jesus, our savior and Lord, we come to praise You in the awareness that You are our reason to celebrate as we worship today!

Ushered into this time of joy and jubilee by Your coming to us to save and bring Your kingdom to us, we bow down in Your presence, dear Lord.

Before we were formed You had planned this jubilee age for us to know You and all Your love for us.  We thank You!

Inspire us by Your Spirit’s presence to take this jubilee to the world in which we live, dear Jesus.  May we share You and not ourselves.

Lead us, Lord, to realize and to believe that You are our jubilee! Help us to know that it is not a singular event, but rather it is a person, You, O Lord!

Expose our unbelief, Lord, that we might grow to understand Your kingdom here on this earth, living in and through Your children.

Expand our application of Your kingdom through our living, lived in Your will, O Lord. Thank You for being our jubilee, now, and forevermore!

In the name of our jubilee, even Jesus Christ, we pray, with thanksgiving. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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