Tears in a Bottle…

(an acrostic prayer)

Today, O God, we come to lay down the burdens of this life at Your feet, and worship You, and only You!

Empty us of our pride of self and cleanse us from our sins, Father.

Attune our hearts and minds to Your spirit’s leading today as we read and hear Your Word, O God.

Remove the tone of our tongues that would spew hate and self-righteousness in our words and actions, O God!

Save us from the worries of this age and the sins of this world, Father. We long for Your peace of mind, spirit, and body.

Instruct us today in Your commands and in Your thoughts, Father. May we learn more of You for having been in this place, at this time, with these people!

Nudge us from our complacent places of ease into the fury of this world’s helplessness. May we be useful to You in those places you send us!

Allow us to see and to respond to the needs of people that You place in our daily paths, O God. You have blessed us immeasurably. May we share as has been shared with us.

Beseeching You, O God, of Your mercy and healing today, we bow low in humble adoration.

Open us to the overwhelming grace that you pour out on us, O God. May we be grace-channels to reach this world for You.

Thank You, O God, for watching over us and caring for us so much. You know our struggles and You collect our tears in Your bottle and write them in Your book, Father. O how we love You!

Transform this Your people into a force for You here in this place and as You sprinkle us in this world, O Father.

Leaning into You, O God, we know we cannot stand on our own. Hold us in the palm of Your hand, Father, please!

Envelope us in Your Holy Spirit as we sing, as we pray, and as we allow Your Word to sink deep within us that we might stand before You; Almighty God Alone.

We pray in the name of Your Son, our Savior, even Jesus Christ.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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