The Table…

photo: John Gonsalves

photo: John Gonsalves

(an acrostic prayer)

The invitation to join You at this table of remembrance, O Father, is a humbling, yet exciting word from You. We thank You for the love it took to make this time for us, O God!

Help us to examine our lives in the light of Your word and in the shadow of Your Son’s cross of sacrifice, as we come to this time of worship and remembrance, Father.

Enter into our souls just now and bring Your peace that surpasses everything we can imagine or comprehend, dear God. We seek Your peace today.

Table with us, Father. As we sit at Your feet, help us to know Your presence in Your merciful grace that drips all around us daily. Abide with us, O God, as we abide with you today.

Accepting the need for cleansing, Father, we come asking for forgiveness of our sins before we sit and commune with You and Your children around Your table, Father. Forgive us!

Bowing before You, Father, as You break the bread and pour the cup for us, we long to be more of You. Accept us as we pray, O God.

Lead us, O God, from this table of remembrance to the world that does not know of Your invitation to join You here. May we be useful to You as You long to reach all people to sit around Your table, Father.

Excise the stain and guilt of our sins, Father.  Have mercy on us, wash away our tears, and make us clean, Father! We come to Your table seeking You! Thank You Lord for the invitation.

               We pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues….


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