Standing Firm…

photo: Hammond Coates

photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Savior, You who moves mountains and sets the boundaries of seas, we bow down to worship You now. How great and mighty You are!

Taking Your foundation as firm, we come to allow You to build us up through faith in Jesus, Your son, dear Father.

Align our feet with Your path, O God. May we stand firm in Your strength and power today.

Never once have we ever stood alone when trusting in Your grace and living by faith and in Your mercy, O God.

Divide our mind’s interest from this world’s force and remake us in Your will, O God.

Infuse us with You today, Father. Help us to stand firm on You and on Your promises!

Night upon night we have fallen into Your night season mercies, O Father. Wake us with the calm assurance of Your presence as we stand daily.

Give us Your forgiveness when we fail. Lift us up when we fall. Save us from our sins, please God!

Facing the day’s temptations and sorrows, we look to You for strength and comfort, Father. We confess we cannot stand without You!

Infill us with the grace to give grace to those we meet even as Your grace showers around us daily, Father.

Refurbish us with Your love, Father. Make us new in Your forgiveness.  Remove the covering of our sin that shields Your light from being reflected into this world by us.

Master, seeker of our lives, we bow again to worship You, standing firm in faith in Jesus Christ.

We pray in the strong and firm name of Jesus Christ, You son.  Amen!

The Path Continues..


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