Come, Behold Him…

Sunset, Gladys, Virginia-Gloria Scott

photo: Gloria Scott

(an acrostic prayer)

Coming into this place to worship You, O God, we seek to know You more. Speak to us today, O Lord.

Overcome the myriad of voices that are falling on our ears in this season of life, Father. May we hear You speaking today.

Move us from our self-centered pride to come behold Your Son today as we worship, dear Father.

Envelope us in the realization that we can see You as we worship and praise You today, O God.

Bring us again to the foot of Your manger and to the foot of Your cross as we seek to behold You in all Your fullness.

Empty us of ourselves as we behold You in Your word and in Your Spirit’s working among us, Father.

Hold us firm by Your hand, Father. We struggle to maintain balance without Your strong grace and mercy.

Open our eyes that we may behold You working among Your people to save those who would hear as You speak through us today, Father.

Lead us to the place where You want us to share You today, Father. We want others to behold You as they behold us.

Defend Your children from the influence of the evil one today, Lord. We need Your courage and strength to be more like You as we live and breathe and have our being.

Hear Your children as we plead for forgiveness, Lord. Cleanse us from unrighteousness and lead us to Your path, Father.

Instill in us Your wisdom that sees and follows Your will for our lives. We truly seek to behold You today, Father.

Meet us here today, O Lord. We offer ourselves anew at Your altar, Father.  We long to be used for Your kingdom’s work today and forevermore.

We pray in the name of the one we long to behold, even Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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