photo: Elizabeth Emery

(an acrostic prayer)

Father, we come in praise and worship into Your presence to seek Your face and to see You.

Open our lives and remove the flies of sins and foolishness that have clawed their way into our souls and have infected us with the stench of this world, O Lord.

Over-spread Your net of grace and mercy to forgive our sins, Father. We need Your hands on us to make us smell of You instead of this world.

Look deep into us to see who You made us to be, even as we have marred the original plan Father, please look on us as Your children who need remaking by the hands of the creator.

Infect us with Your life that we may be so contagious with Your love and mercy that we would infect others with You as we live our lives, Father.

Save us from the foolishness that is this world’s attitude, Lord. Help us to keep out the flies of foolishness that buzz around us daily.

Hear our prayer, O Lord. May we be cleansed in Your love today as we sing, and pray, and listen to Your word and respond by Your Spirit’s leading.

Narrate the story of Your Son, Jesus Christ, once again, through us, Father, to the world where You have called us to live.

Enthuse us with the power and courage of Your Spirit that we might be instruments in Your hands, today and in the days You give us, O God.

Send a great revival in our souls, O God. Help us to be renewed by Your love, trust, mercy, and grace, Father.

Shake these walls with love unto this world and may we be the instruments you use to shake it, Father.

In the name of the one who forgives our foolish ways, even Jesus Christ, our Lord, we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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