Awesome Love…

Cindy Henneigh Morning Photos-January 20 2016

photo: Cindy Hennigh

(an acrostic prayer)

Almighty God and King, we bow in Your presence to seek Your face as we worship today.

Withering under the pressure of temptation, we come asking forgiveness of our sins of commission, as well as omission, Father.

Enter into our space, Lord, and accept the love we have for You through Jesus, Your Son, dear Father.

Save us through the love of Your Son, O God, that we might be useful to You as as an example of Your awesome love in this world.

Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord, that we may see and sense Your presence and know Your love, once again.

Move among us Lord as we worship and find those who need You the most and use us to bring You to them.

Enable us, Your children, to be bearers of Your love to those You send to our paths, O Lord.

Lord, let Your love flow through us to this world that it, and we, may be saved from destruction by this world’s prince.

Overcome our selfish pride and sinful ways in the power of Your Holy Spirit living in and through us, Father.

Verify Your presence in us by our actions, Lord! We want to be like You. Help us Lord.

Envelope us in Your awesome love that produces in us graceful and merciful action to others, Father!

         In the name of love itself, Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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