Friend of God…


photo: Hammond Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

Father God, creator and sustainer, savior and friend, we come to worship You in spirit and truth today.

Refine Your children by the power and correcting love of Your word, O God!

Infuse us with the filling presence of Your Holy Spirit as we listen to You and as we respond with repentance and humility, Father.

Empty us of the self-serving pride that we have been influenced by in this world in which we live, O God.

Negate our negative spirits of unfaithfulness and shallow understanding of Your word, Father.

Delight Yourself in the prayers of Your children, O Lord. May we be refreshment to You as we pray!

Open our ears, Father God, and speak Your will into our minds and from there into our hearts.

Forgive our sins, Father, for the sake of Your Son, Jesus, our redeemer.

Go before us, O God, and bid us to follow the path You have already walked for us. O Lord, may we follow You!

Over and above all, Father, You, who call us friend, we worship You right now, with all that we are.

Defeat the sin in our lives by the blood of Your Son, Jesus, that the world would know the true meaning of being a friend to You, O God!

         In the name of the one who calls us friend, even Jesus. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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