Leaning Into The Cross…

Linc Taylor Night Sky

photo: Linc Taylor

(an acrostic prayer)

Lord, Savior of us all, we come to lean into Your cross of salvation and sacrifice today.

Empty us our selfish thinking and our prideful actions as we seek Your face today in worship and praise, Father.

Absorb the shock of Satan’s temptations with the truth of Your word and in the power of Your Holy Spirit, O Lord.

Narrow our focus, dear Father, that we would remain faithful to You and Your path for us.

Interpret Your will to us, Your children, O Father. We long to know what we are to do for You today.

Nest us in Your grace and mercy, Lord, that we may rest in You and prepare to be used by You in Your kingdom’s work.

Gather us, from our mind’s thoughts, to Yourself and shape us through Your love today as we worship.

Increase our capacity to lean into Your cross, Father. We love to tell the story, help us to live it also.

Notion us with Your thoughts, Your mind, Your heart, Father, that we might see what You want us to see; know what You want us to know; and be who You want us to be.

Tailor our lives to fit Your will for us, Lord. We stand at the foot of Your cross needing fitting for Your work.

Open our minds to see a glimpse of the love it took to vision a cross as evidence of Your love for us, Father.

Tether us to the cross, Father, that we may always remember the cost to You for our lives.

Hear our prayer, O Lord, for we acknowledge that we cannot stand on our own, so we lean on You today.

Enthuse us with the joy of Your grace and with the beauty of Your mercy, Father.

Carry us along, for we are helpless to walk in our strength. We need Your strength, O Lord.

Reflect Your cross’ love to this world through us, O God. May others see Jesus in us today.

Open our mouths that we may tell this world the reason we lean into Your cross, O God.

Send us from this worship time and place into the world to influence, to witness, to share the love that showers us from Your cross.

Save us, Lord! As we lean in the cross, may we be more like You for having been here today.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our savior, our cross bearer, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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