Till He Come…

Chris Adams 1

photo: Chris Adams

(an acrostic prayer)

Together in this place, we come to remember and to worship You, O God!

Instill in us the wonder and awe of Your calling us to come to Your table to sit and remember You, Father.

Lead us, once again, into Your presence that we might celebrate You as we come in worship, till you come again.

Loving, Lord Jesus, You have asked us to be faithful in our eating Your supper to remember and to obey You.  We bow in worship, here at Your table.

Heal our brokenness, dear Lord, as You healed the broken bodies when You were here with us. Your word brings the healing balm that we desperately need. Help us to understand!

Enter into our spirits, Father, as we eat this bread and drink this cup in obedience to You, till you come!

Come, Lord Jesus! Even so, come quickly to receive Your children as we wait and worship, till you come.

Open our eyes and our minds to see what You would have us do in Your kingdom’s work, till You come, Father.

Move us from the apathy of our world to a renewed sense of Your purpose for us as we wait, till you come.

Envelope us in Your love again, Father, that we may go from this Your table to envelope others in Your love as You lead us to them, till you come.

In the name of the one who is coming, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen!!

 The Path Continues…


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