Our Father…

Mr. Patsel-Sky at Myrtle Beach, SC

Photo: Ralph Patsel (in memory)

(an acrostic prayer)

Out of a deep sense of wonder and awe, we come into this place to worship You, our Father.

Usher us into Your presence, Father, as we seek to learn from Your word how to pray today.

Rescind Your judgement on us, Lord, for we pray for forgiveness for having been too much of this world.

Forging a life without Your presence, Father, is an arduous, painful and fruitless existence. Come, our Father. Come quickly!

Accept our longing to know You, Father, as our real want and desire as we sit at Your feet today.

Take us from our shallow understanding of Your word into a deeper appreciation for You in Your word, our Father.

Hear our cries to You, Father, as children in need of Your correction, Your mercy, Your love and Your grace. Teach us how to be Your children.

Employ Your Spirit to lead us to all truth, Father. Open our eyes, minds and souls to hear Your teaching today.

Running to Your arms, Father, we come! We need Your wisdom, Your discernment, Your grace and Your will for each of us today. Teach us, our Father.

In the name of the one who shows us our Father, we pray. Amen

The Path Continues…


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