Hallowed and Holy…

Chris Adams 2

photo: Chris Adams

(an acrostic prayer)

Heavenly Father, hollowed be Your name! Holy are You and we come saying that we love you. We come now to worship you, Father, God.

Accept us, Your children, as we kneel in reverence and offer ourselves again to You as we pray in Your name, Father.

Lead us away from the temptations of this world into Your presence as we seek You today, O God.

Lower Your outstretched hand to us and take hold of us to keep us from falling further into sin, dear Lord.

Offering to You praise and thanksgiving, we come with adoration and prayer to offer up ourselves to You, Father.

Weariness overtakes us, Father. We confess we grow weary of the sin that besets us and the unkindness we see and feel in this world. May we not grow weary of doing good in Your name.

Examine our hearts, O Lord, to see if there is any good thing in us that may be used for Your glory. Take it and make it Yours today, Father.

Delight Yourself in Your children today, Father. May we be a sweet savor to You as we worship today, Father.

Awaken within us, Father, the sense of urgency to share You with this world. Grant us courage and motivation for the living of these days in Your will, Father.

Nudge us into the path You have for each of us, Lord. May we present Your hallowed and holy name to this world today.

Descend upon us, Father, in the power of Your Spirit and cleanse us for Your name’s sake.

Hear our prayer today to be more like You and less like this world in which we live. We need Your help daily, Father.

Open our hearts and pour Yourself into us as we study Your word and wait on Your coming again, Lord.

Look into our souls, Father. May we know in some measure as we are known through Your Spirit’s grace.

You, O Lord and Father, deserve our highest praise and our solemn worship as we gather. May what we do and say bring honor and glory to You and to Your name, our Father!

We pray in the name of the one named: “Hallowed and Holy!” Amen!

The Path Continues…

2 thoughts on “Hallowed and Holy…

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