To Dwell…

Pacific Ocean-Anne Coates

photo: Anne Coates

(an acrostic prayer)

(To dwell: to live with…to take up residence with…to stay with…to linger over…to give a period of control over actions, such as the dwell of an internal combustion engine through its distributor or electrical ignition system)

To You, O God, we come to dwell with You in this time of worship, asking that Your word dwell in us.

Offering You control of our lives as You dwell in us and we dwell in Your word, Father, we surrender to Your word today.

Deliver us from our felt need to control everything in our lives without the influence of Your word, O God. I believe You have called that attitude, “Pride.” Please forgive us, Lord.

Without Your word dwelling in us, we become undone, O God. We are broken and have no way of being made whole again. Dwell in us, Father, to restore and to remake!

Examine our hearts, Father, to see where Your word is dwelling and where it needs to be replanted that we may be more like you each and every day.

Look on us to strengthen our faith in You and the power of Your word living in us, O God!

Let us see Your working in this world through Your children to renew, to forgive, to love, to challenge the sinner and to save, O Lord.

In the name of the one who dwells in us and lives through us, even Jesus Christ, we pray!  Amen!

The Path Continues…


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