Glory to God…

Bennie Adams-Sunset-West Springfield, VA

photo: Bennye Adams

(an acrostic prayer)

Glory to God in the highest and to the Father of all who call on His name and to the Son and the Spirit! We come to worship You today.

Longing to be more like You, Father, we come to gather in Your name and seek Your Spirit’s leading as we come.

Order our lives by the power of Your Holy Spirit, O God! May our courses lead to You, Father, as we walk in the paths You choose for us.

Remake us in Your intended image, Father. May we bring glory to You as we live as Your children in this world.

You alone as worthy to receive whatever honor we can give, O Lord. Accept us today as we humbly bow in worship and praise to YOU.

Take us from this place into the places that need You, Father. May we be willing instruments of Your kingdom.

Open our eyes, Lord, that we may see Your kingdom work needing to be done and open our hearts that we may be willing to do it!

Grace and mercy flow from You to us, dear God. May we be an unobstructed channel that allows you to flow through us to others.

Overshadow this world’s influence on us, Lord, with the light of Your word as we strive to live in Your Spirit!

Develop the picture of our lives that we may become the people that You desire in order that we might bring glory to You, O God!

In the name of the only one worthy of glory and honor and praise, even Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray.  Amen!

The Path Continues…



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