Victoria Obasun…

(an acrostic prayer in memory)

Victorious Savior, loving Father, and dearest Lord, we beseech you to visit us today with Your loving kindness and grace as we endure this season of grief after the death of our dear Victoria Obasun.

Instill in us the assurance of Your presence, dear God, as we come to celebrate her life among us as wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

Collect our tears and keep them in Your Spirit’s remembrance, dear Lord, as we let them fall in Your presence today.

Tether us to Your side today as we tend to stray away from You in these times of sorrow and despair, Father.

Order our thoughts and words as we speak to You and at times come to speak for You, dear Lord.

Refine us in the fire of experience today, Lord, and make us new in Your sight through the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ our Savior!

Inspire this family in this time of sorrow to come to understand, even more, the unceasing love You have for them and for all of us who call on Your name today, Father.

Attune our ears to Your word, Lord, as we sing, as we pray, and as we hear Your Word proclaimed as we celebrate this good life lived among us.

Open our hearts to the message of hope in You and the message of kindness that You bring us in these moments of worship, Father.

Before the world in order stood, You were, Father. Help us to number our days as we see how fragile our human lives are in comparison to eternity.

Align us to Your vision for us, Father, as we gather today. May we see where you would have us go and what you would have us do in light of remembering the life of Victoria and her love for You.

Send forth Your light into our darkened world, dear Lord. May we reflect Your light as we live our lives as we remember Victoria today.

Under the shadow of Your wings find us, today, Father. We long to be closer to You for having known Victoria and learning from her Your closeness in this life.

Nearer, still nearer, close to Your heart, Father. Draw us who wait before You in this time of remembrance and celebration, of a life well lived, to Yourself. Thank you for the life of Victoria and the influence that it was and still is to us today.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…


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