Oh Yeah? So What?…

(an acrostic prayer)

Oh, dear Lord, we fall before you today in adoration and praise as we worship You.

Hear our prayer, Father, as we lay down our selfish selves at Your feet pleading for mercy and forgiveness.

Yearning to overcome our doubt and unbelief, we seek Your face for the assurance of Your presence as we wait on You just now, O Lord.

Enthuse us with Your Spirit, Father, as we seek to walk the path You have for each of us. May we hear Your call to come and dine with You.

Allow Your children to see You in the faces and lives of those that You bring to us daily. Help us to not overlook You as You work in them and us.

Help us, dear Father, to not be arrogant of spirit, but rather to be tender in spirit and in heart, so that You may mold us into Your hands and feet in this world.

Send Your Spirit today to wash us and to cleanse us that we may be useful utensils in this Your place, O Lord.

Open our ears to hear You calling us to be You in this place that we might spill out to the places we live and breathe and have our being, Father.

Wrap us in Your love, O God, so that others may see You in us as we call them to come and eat with at Your meal, daily.

Heal the broken spirits and souls that are among us, Father. Only You can heal the brokenness we see and feel today.

Alone in Your hand, O God, we come to feel the caress of Your love as You hold us close to You in the bonds of love.

Teach us again, Lord, to yearn for Your presence, to look for Your presence, to see You wherever we are, and to listen for Your call to “Come.”

 We pray in the name of the only one who can answer our questions of “Oh Yeah?” And “So What?”, even Jesus the risen Christ. Amen!

The Path Continues…


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