Good Shepherd…

(an acrostic prayer)

God, our Father, we come in the power of Your Holy Spirit and through Your Son, Jesus Christ, to worship You in the spirit of holiness.

Over and above our wants, O Lord, show us our needs that we would know how to pray and how to allow You to meet those needs today.

Open the very depth of our hearts and minds and souls that we may allow You to take us into Your sheepfold and keep us, dear Father.

Deliver us from the wolves and robbers that would come and overwhelm us with the temptations and the lusts of this life. Lord, we need You!

Show us the way of truth and the way of love and the way of righteousness that we may walk them with You, O God.

Help us to listen to Your instruction from Your word, dear Father. We long to know You more and to live You more though Your Spirit’s leading.

Enter into our time and place today, dear God, and cleanse us from our sins that we might be useful to Your kingdom here in this place and in our communities and world.

Prepare us for the task that You have for us to accomplish in this life. May we know Your plan and purpose for us, Father.

Hear our prayer, O Lord. Hear our prayer. We long to know Your presence in a real-life instance as we live and breathe and have our being.

Even as we try to pray this prayer, O Lord, lead us from our self presumption and pride to Your humility and Your forgiveness.

Remember our sins no more as we long to be clean before You for we long to be usable for Your work here on earth.

Dear Savior, we thank you for saving us, for securing us, and for satisfying us with Your mighty hand, dear Father. We love You!

In the name of the only Good Shepherd, we pray and believe. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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