(an acrostic prayer)

Father God, Savior Son, fruit producing Holy Spirit, we come in humility and adoration into Your sanctuary to worship You, and only You.

Adoration and praise are on our minds and on our lips as we seek Your face and presence today.

Input Your faith into our lives so that we may be faithful to You and to Your kingdom’s work here in this place.

Take us from where we are now to where You know we need to be, Father. May we walk with You and hear You as You lead us.

Hear us, Lord, and cleanse us from our unrighteousness that we may be useful for Your work in our lives and in Your kingdom right here, right now!

Forgive our sins, dear Father, as only You can, and remake us in Your image again that others would see Jesus in us.

Under Your protective wings we feel secure in Your love and mercy. We live and breathe in Your grace, Father.

Lead us home, Father, for we have strayed from the path You have called us to. Help us return to faithfulness in You and to Your children.

No one understands like Your Son, dear Father, our sins to atone. We long to be made righteous in Your sight.

Enter into our beings, dear Spirit, and produce the fruit of faithfulness to You and to our fellow man.

Send us from this place and time of dedicated worship to You, Father, into the world where we live that so desperately needs to see You through our faithfulness.

Support us through the power of Your Holy Spirit that we may be faithful to Your calling on each of us to be holy and You are Holy!

In the name of the one who calls us to faith, even Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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