The Divine Duet…


(an acrostic prayer)

Today, our Father, we come with trembling hands and stuttering lips as we approach Your throne of grace.

Hear our pleas for forgiveness and mercy as we confess our sins to You, Father, the only one who can forgive and cleanse.

Erase the stain of guilt from Your children as we humbly bow in repentance and remorse.

Deflect the arrows of Satan as he hurls them at us to harm and to take away our confidence in You, Father.

Infill us with Your Spirit’s fruit in order that we may be able to stand against the wiles of this world and its master, dear Lord.

Verify our faith, Father, that we may become channels of Your love, grace, and mercy to all where we have places of influence.

Infect us with the perfect fruit of Your Spirit living in each of us, dear Father. May we be ever growing in You as we You grow in us the fruit needed to share with others so they may come to know You as Lord and Savior.

New songs to play and sing with You, Father, we long to sit beside You as You teach us from Your Word how to produce fruit that will endure and give life.

Enter into our silence before You, Father, and speak Your truth that produces the fruit You long for us to enjoy and to share.

Dear Lord, accept our repentance and contrition at our sinful condition and remake us inYour image.

Under Your wings of protection, dear Father, we long to be close to Your protecting grace and mercy.

Enduring the many temptations of this world is a constant struggle, dear Lord. Help us to stay connected to You and to each other by Your Spirit.

Touch us, Father, with Your Word and allow it to grow in us that we may stay connected to You and dwell in You so that others may see Jesus in us.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our true vine, we pray. Amen!

The Path Continues…

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