Lana Henkel…

Lord and Savior of mankind, we come today with sorrow and grief as we acknowledge the death of our friend, Lana!

Attend to our sense of loss and repair our hearts as we sense the depth of the sorrow our friends are feeling as they mourn their wife, their mother and their friend.

Notion us with Your comfort and care as we see the path ahead without our friend, Father. May we be more like You for having known this Your daughter.

Allow Your Holy Spirit to wrap Russ, Jeremy, and Jonathan with love, mercy, and peace as they strive to remember the joy that was their loved one, dear Father.

Help us understand Your timing, O Lord. We struggle to know the why and when of the Your will at times and we are sometimes overwhelmed. Forgive our weaknesses.

Envision in Your children the will to go on in the midst of this loss and help us to listen to Your Spirit’s whispering to us to “be still and know” that You are our God and You are in control.

Negate the fears of loneliness and weariness that will try to rear their heads as our friends learn to live their lives without their loved one, O Father.

Knowledge us with Your eternal Word, Father, that reassures us of Your Love, Your comfort, Your mercy, and Your presence with us.

Envelope our friends as we leave them to Your care, Father. We know that Your presence is assured and we rest in Your comfort today and in the days ahead. O God, bless Russ, Jeremy, and Jonathan!

Lift us from our depths of despair into the heights of Your presence and relieve our hearts and minds of the worry that attends our grief, dear Father.

In the name of Lana’s Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, We pray and believe! Amen.

The Path Continues…

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