Suzanne Gibbs….

(an acrostic prayer for my friend)

Savior, Sustainer, Lord and Father of us all, I come today to thank You for my friend, Suzanne Gibbs. I thank You for her faithfulness and love of You, Lord.

Usher us into Your presence as we remember her work for You and her love for her church and her community, Father.

Zeal for You, Father, is evident in the faithfulness of her duties to her family, friends, and Your church.

Accept our praise of her as she has shown us how to praise You by living the life that You gave her in such a beautiful way.

Numerous are the gifts that You, Lord, have given to Suzanne. We are especially grateful for Your gift of music in this Your servant.

Nourish her in these days and the days ahead that You have for her, Father. May she know Your presence each and every day she lives.

Enter into our days with Your Holy Spirit and allow us to see Your will for us and to understand how and what we are to do in You, Lord.

Give us a sense of Your presence, Father, as we strive to be as faithful to You and Your work as our friend, Suzanne.

Instill in us, through Your Holy Spirit, Father, the will to go on even in the midst of the struggles of this life.

Be near to Suzanne during these days and continue to bless her as she lives and breathes and has her being in You, Father.

Bring the power of Your Spirit, Father, into our lives as we strive to live the will that you have for each of us. May we live in Your Spirit as we see Suzanne faithfully living in it.

Send us forth to bring Glory and Honor to You and only You, dear Lord, as we strive to live faithfully in the afterglow of friends like Your daughter, Suzanne Gibbs.

In the name of the faithful servant, Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…

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