Sylvester Samudre…

(an acrostic prayer for my friend)

Savior God, eternal Father, I pray today for my friend, Sylvester Samudre. I ask that Your richest blessings may fall upon him today as he seeks Your guidance and will for his life.

Yielded, he stands in Your presence as a servant of Yours, may Your peace be in him and Your mercy enfold him today, O God!

Lord of all, provider of all good things, I beseech You today to provide the strength, patience, joy, and love that he will need to do Your will in this world.

Verify Your call on his life daily, Father, as he seeks to know what it is You would have him do to bring glory and honor to You.

Enthuse him with the power of Your Spirit, dear God, that he might be enthusiastic in his service to You and to his fellow travellers on this sod.

Shine Yourself on him that he might see and be able to reflect Your image of love and grace to this world.

Tether him tightly to Your word, Father, so that he might rightly divide the word of truth to those You call him to speak to in this world.

Enter into his space, Holy Spirit, that he might sense Your leading and surrender his will and way each and every day that You give him to live and breathe and have his being.

Refresh him in the night seasons of life and provide him with the understanding to be able to stand and speak in Your name, O Lord.

Send forth Your grace as showers to renew and to protect him from the evil one who is always seeking to destroy those who speak Your word, Father!

Attune his heart to those who need to know Your love, Father. May he have eyes to see who it is You are bringing into his path for him to touch with Your grace.

Move him, Father, as You live in him, move him to the places in his heart and soul that You create to bring him into communion with You.

Unhinge him from the cares of the days, O Lord. Provide for his physical needs and show him the ways everlasting in Your will.

Delight Yourself, O God, in this good man. See in him Your goodness and mercy and love as he reflects them to those of us who know and love him as You do, Father.

Remove the temptations of this world as he seeks to follow You. Empower his spirit with Your Spirit, Father, to withstand the wiles of the devil as he seeks to present You to those who are lost without You.

Eternal Father, strong to save, accept our praise of our friend, Sly, as an offering of praise to You, that we might bring glory and honor to You in all we say and do. Thank You, Father for my friend, Sylvester Samudre.

In the name of Jesus Christ, my Savior, I pray. Amen and amen!!

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Ardith Coates…

(an acrostic prayer in memory of my friend)

Almighty God, precious Father and provider of all comfort, we seek Your face today in the shadow of the death of Your child and our friend, Ardith Coates.

Remember Your mercy to us as we seek Your comfort as we grieve the loss of our friend and loved one, O God.

Descend to us, O Lord, as we walk in this valley today and lead us in the paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.

Inspire us to greater heights as we remember the influence that Ardith was in our lives and in the lives of those whom she lived and worked with on this sod, O God.

Tether us to You, Father, for we tend to spin away from Your ways when we are faced with sorrow and despair.

Hold us in the palm of Your mighty hand and restore to us to joy of knowing our friend, Ardith, and show us how to relay that knowledge to those You bring into our paths daily.

Carry us, O Father, until we can walk again out of this season of grief and disappointment into the joy of living with You and in remembering Ardith.

Open the eyes of our hearts, Lord, and help us to see as You lead us from sorrow to joy, from grief to joyful remembrance, and from sadness of missing Ardith to the joy of knowing she is with You without physical pain.

Accept our thanks, O Father, for the grace to live these days as we look forward to the time will we will be reunited with Ardith and live eternally with You.

Take us from the ordinary, everydayness of our existence, to the joy of living with You as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Empty us of our selfishness and fill us with Your presence, O God. Help us to be more like You for having known our friend, Your child, Ardith!

Save us, O Lord, from our sins and send us to the world that needs to hear and know you as You saved and sent Ardith. Thank you for allowing us to have been in her life and her in ours. We praise You for Ardith Coates!

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, we pray! Amen!

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Engulfed In Silence ~

Silence is a key to knowing God…

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

When my heart,
I turn over to silence
when I let it listen
for God’s guidance.

I experience a hush,
an inner stillness
as I let His Spirit
to my soul witness.

When my mind,
I turn over to calmness
when I let it reflect
on all God’s promises.

I feel the tranquility,
only He can provide
as I let His Spirit
my thoughts guide.

When my heart and mind,
are engulfed in silence
God reveals to me . . .
how His peace is timeless!


Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know
that I am God:”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2018
Deborah Ann Belka

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Van and Bennye Adams…

(acrostic prayers on the occasion of their Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary)

Bennye Adams

Believing that You, O Father, send people into our lives to strengthen and encourage us along the paths of life, I thank you for sending Bennye Adams into my life.

Encourage her today, Father, as she celebrates this marriage of fifty years with her family and friends.

Nourish her faith and spirit today, and show her the love of family and friends, but most of all, Your love for her.

Notice her love for others as she has shown Your love through her actions as wife, mother, grandmother and friend!

You, O God, You are the giver of life and strength, I ask that You extend Your grace to Bennye, to provide life at its fullest to her today!

Envision in her, Your mercy, love and grace as she goes about the daily walks of this life. May others see Jesus in her!

Accept this prayer for my friend and fill it with Your purposes today, dear Father; purposes to cheer, to encourage and to say, “Thank You,” to my friend.

Delight Yourself, Father, in her faithfulness, her goodness, and her charity to those You bring into her path of life.

Allow Your grace to shower around her today, Father. May her friends and family bring abundant joy to her just now.

Move in and among her life, dear Lord, to bring love, joy, and peace as she brings the same to others.

Send her sunshine that she may see You as You move in and around her life, Father. May Your peace that surpasses all understanding be known both in and through Bennye today. Thank You, dear Father, for my friend, Bennye Adams!

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray! Amen!

Hammond A Coates  Shelby, North Carolina

Van Adams

Various times and at various places, You, O Lord, bring blessings in the form of people into my life. I thank You for bringing one of Your children, Van Adams, into my life.

Attend to him today, my Father, as he celebrates this milestone anniversary. May he know Your presence as the giver of all life!

Negate whatever fears that may come with the assurance of Your will in his life and his loved ones lives, O God!

Allow Your grace to flood over him and his life, Father. May others see the very essence of Your love in Van’s life. May others see Jesus in him today.

Distribute to him, the peace, love, and joy that come from You, Lord! May he become an even greater channel of blessing to others in these days than he has been before.

Afix in him the wherewithal to see where You, O God, are leading and the understanding of how and when to follow. Your wisdom is very evident in his life already, bless him with more, for Your name’s sake.

Move in and through him, O Lord, both to bless and to encourage others, as You bring them into his path. May he have Your vision to see and to know!

Secure him and those You have given to him, in love and joy today as they celebrate life together. May Your peace and joy be evident as they gather together. Thank You, O Lord, for my friend,Van Adams!

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!

Hammond A Coates   Shelby, North Carolina

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Lewis Johnson….

(an acrostic prayer in memory of my friend)

Loving and faithful heavenly Father, I beseech You to wrap your arms around this family and hold them in the palm of Your hand. Thank you for the privilege of knowing, my friend, Lewis Johnson.

Effuse us with the comfort of Your Holy Spirit and Your intimate presence as we gather to remember and to celebrate the life of this good man.

Wash us in Your love and mercy as we feel the loss and sadness of knowing Lewis is no longer physically among us, dear Lord.

Instill in us the knowledge that he is with You at this very moment, praising You and singing “Glory to God in the Highest,” we long to join him there, Father.

Send us Your people in this hour, Lord, that we may sense Your presence in their presence as we mourn and cry, but at the same time we would sense Your love in Your people.

Join us in this hour, dear Father, as we celebrate the life of our husband, father, grandfather and friend. We need to remember and to know You are with us always!

Open the windows of heaven, O God, and shower us with Your grace as we struggle to live these days and the days to come in Your will.

Hear the cries of Your children, Father, as we mourn. We need to know that You hear and You grieve the loss of this child of Yours even as Jesus cried for Lazarus.

Never alone, are the least of His children, as the songwriter has said, we long to know Your presence now and forevermore.

Send us from this celebration of remembrance to a world that needs to know that You love it and will provide the needed comfort, strength, and love.

Over and above our grief and sadness at the loss of Lewis, we know that You have us all in Your hands and will bring about Your purpose for each of us in Your will, Father.

Nearer, still nearer we long to be to You, O God. We love you and want to share that love in this world where You have placed us. We thank You and praise You for this good man, Lewis Johnson! Thanks You for allowing us to be in his path in this life!

We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen

The Path Continues….

Lendell Steele…

                                                (an acrostic prayer for a friend)

 Loving and gracious Heavenly Father, I write to thank You for my friend Lendell Steele. I praise You for bringing him into the path of my life.

Encourage him by the power of Your Holy Spirit to heal him physically, comfort him emotionally and lead him daily.

Nourish his spirit with Your Holy Spirit, holy Father. May today be a day of warm memories and new experiences along his path of life.

Descend upon him by Your presence and remind him of the blessings that are his in this life and in the life to come.

Enliven those who are in his life each day with the awareness of Your love, dear Father. Help them to be more like You for knowing Lendell!

Lean into this day, Father, and wash over the hours with Your mercy and grace to bring joy into Lendell’s life.

 Lend us Your strength, Father. We long to be more of who You want us to be as we walk this path of life.

 Send us into Your world with the love we receive from You daily. May we be known as those who respond with Your love as we see the life of Your child, Lendell Steele.

 Take us from the everyday, ordinary days of life into the abundant life that is a gift from You, dear Lord.

 Engulf us with the power of Your presence in the every-day-ness of our lives to change us into Your children, dear God!

Enter into the experience of this day with Lendell and those who know and love him to make this day Your day in them, dear Father.

Lord of life, King of kings, Father of the fatherless, we pray to You in the spirit of humility as we praise You for Lendell Steele.

 Envelope this good man with Your Spirit, O Lord. Provide the strength and ability to live in Your presence to Lendell Steele, Your child, my friend!

 In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen!

 The Path Continues…

Victoria Obasun…

(an acrostic prayer in memory)

Victorious Savior, loving Father, and dearest Lord, we beseech you to visit us today with Your loving kindness and grace as we endure this season of grief after the death of our dear Victoria Obasun.

Instill in us the assurance of Your presence, dear God, as we come to celebrate her life among us as wife, mother, grandmother and friend.

Collect our tears and keep them in Your Spirit’s remembrance, dear Lord, as we let them fall in Your presence today.

Tether us to Your side today as we tend to stray away from You in these times of sorrow and despair, Father.

Order our thoughts and words as we speak to You and at times come to speak for You, dear Lord.

Refine us in the fire of experience today, Lord, and make us new in Your sight through the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ our Savior!

Inspire this family in this time of sorrow to come to understand, even more, the unceasing love You have for them and for all of us who call on Your name today, Father.

Attune our ears to Your word, Lord, as we sing, as we pray, and as we hear Your Word proclaimed as we celebrate this good life lived among us.

Open our hearts to the message of hope in You and the message of kindness that You bring us in these moments of worship, Father.

Before the world in order stood, You were, Father. Help us to number our days as we see how fragile our human lives are in comparison to eternity.

Align us to Your vision for us, Father, as we gather today. May we see where you would have us go and what you would have us do in light of remembering the life of Victoria and her love for You.

Send forth Your light into our darkened world, dear Lord. May we reflect Your light as we live our lives as we remember Victoria today.

Under the shadow of Your wings find us, today, Father. We long to be closer to You for having known Victoria and learning from her Your closeness in this life.

Nearer, still nearer, close to Your heart, Father. Draw us who wait before You in this time of remembrance and celebration, of a life well lived, to Yourself. Thank you for the life of Victoria and the influence that it was and still is to us today.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray! Amen!

The Path Continues…