Todd Stemple…

(an acrostic prayer in memory of my friend)

Today, O God of comfort, I beseech Thee to bring Your presence to show Your comfort, mercy, and love to the family of my friend, Todd Stemple.

Open the windows of heaven and pour out Your grace on Freddie, Brian, and Keith, as they grieve the death of husband and father and friend, dear Father.

Deliver them from this time of brokenness into the peace that passes all understanding by the hearing of Your word to Todd, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant. Enter now into the joy of thy salvation.”

Descend upon us all who grieve this death, Father, that we may know Your presence through the power of Your Spirit and in the assurance of Jesus Christ, Your Son.

Save us, O God, from the deepening sorrow of this world, by the power of Your very presence to heal and to know as we are known.

Tend to us today, O Savior, in a time like this that brings about doubt and darkness into our lives, send Your light, dear Father.

Encourage us by the presence of those of Your children that You bring into our path daily, especially in this day of sorrow and discomfort to this family, dear Lord!

Move us, O Lord, from sorrow into Your joy as we know that Todd is now enjoying Your very presence and responding with, “All praise to You, O God!”

Push us, Lord, to be more like You for having known Your child, Todd Stemple. I know he would want that to be our prayer today even though he would never call attention to himself in that way, Father.

Lead us today, Father, that we may become an instrument of Your peace and a channel of Your love as seen in Todd’s life as he lived among us.

Enter into our path to uplift our friends today, Father! We pray that we would do as You as we live today. May the memory of our friend help us to give You the glory and honor that only You deserve. Thank You for Todd Stemple, my friend!

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray! Amen!

The Path Continues...


Frank Mayo…


(an acrostic prayer in memory of my friend)

Father God, our heavenly Father, we come in prayer as we grieve the passing of our friend and Your child, Frank Mayo. We are undone at this death, Lord.

Remember us today as we remember Frank. Visit us with Your Holy Spirit’s presence and comfort as we wait on You in worship.

Attune our hearts and minds to You in this hour that we may hear Your voice in Your word as we hear it today.

Negate the doubt that seeks to come into our minds as we use words like, “what if, if only, and I wish,” O Father.

Keep us from the evil one today as even now he would come and cause our hearts to hurt with lies and doubts, Father.

Move us from our sadness into Your joy as we remember Frank’s influence in our lives and the good he brought to our world, Lord!

Allow your children here to grieve in Your presence today that we may see Your face as You look on us in Your word and in the faces that You have brought into place today.

You, O Lord, are the God of peace, comfort and assurance of Your presence with us in this time and in the days ahead according to Your promises.

Open the windows of heaven, O Lord, and rain down Your grace upon this dear family and all of us who call upon You today. We worship You in spirit and in truth, Father.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray and believe. Amen!

The Path Continues….

Verna Lee Sibley…

(an acrostic prayer in memory of my friend)

Verily, verily, we come seeking Your presence, Father, as we worship You through our celebration of the life of Your child, our friend, Verna Lee Sibley.

Eternal in the heavens is Your love for us, O God. We worship You in spirit and in truth as we come into this place today.

Remove the guilt of our sin as we come into Your presence, Father. We seek Your comfort and peace in this valley of the shadow of death.

Nearer to You, Lord, we bring this family and these friends to You that they may experience Your mercy, grace and peace today.

Accept our pleas and cries of grief as You, O Lord, feel what we feel in this hour of death that has visited our midst.

Lend us Your ear as we seek to understand the fact of death in this hour even as we know and believe that You said we will never die if we believe in You.

Enliven our hearts with the knowledge of Your Word that promises that You will always be with us, Father.

Encourage this dear family with Your Spirit and Your very presence in the days ahead as grief visits them in ways that we really cannot fathom, O Lord.

Send us from this time of worship and celebration of Verna Lee’s life to the world where you have called us to live out our faith, that we may live as she lived among us to the world around us.

Invest in us, dear Father, the love that is You, that we may be more like you for having known Verna Lee and for having been here today to celebrate her life.

Bemoaning the fact of physical death, Father, we long for the day that what we call death will be done away with forever.

Lead us into Your way, O Lord, that we may share You with those we meet in this life and help us to be examples even as Verna Lee was an example to us.

Empty us of our selfish ways and fill us with Your goodness and mercy, and grace, dear Father.

Yours is the kingdom and the glory forever, dear God. We worship you with all we are and all we have. Thank You for being here today with us.

The Path Continues…

Why Not? And Then Some….

(an acrostic prayer)

Worshipful and almighty God, we come into this place to place ourselves under your care and to worship You in the beauty of Your holiness!

Hear our prayer, O God, as we enter into your presence with grateful hearts and humble minds today.

Yearning, we are, to be more like you, we come to hear Your word and to seek Your face as we sing and pray together as Your children, dear Father.

Nudge us from the thrones of our lives and replace us with You, in the power of Your Holy Spirit!

Open the windows of Heaven and pour out Your blessings on Your children as we look to You for peace and comfort.

Take us from where we are to where You want us to be and remake us in Your image again. Remove the effects of this world’s sin on us. We long to be remade in Your hands.

Accept our pleas for understanding of this world’s anger and help us to see You working even in its midst today.

Negate the evil that we see around us with the good that is You and Your Spirit, as you continue to work even among the evil things that we see.

Descend upon us today, O God, as You call us to walk among this world and become light and salt to this world today.

Time and time again, we become disheartened and disillusioned with our lives in light of the world’s seemingly overpowering influence today. Bless us with Your sight today, O God!

Hearing the cries of Your people, dear Lord, we want to answer those cries with Your words and Your presence. Show us how, Father!

Enfuse in us Your willingness to be involved with all peoples of all kinds in order to lead them to You and Your mercy and grace.

“Never alone are the least of His children,” as the hymn writer says, may we live in that promise today.

Send us from this place of comfort and peace to those places that need Your presence and mercy and grace. Show us, Father, where we need to take You, even today.

Overcome, in us, our unwillingness to be used of Your Spirit’s will for us. We need your urging, dear Lord.

Move in and among Your people today in ways that are unmistakable, O God. May we be part of Your Spirit’s presence to this world today.

Engage us in the very living of Your kingdom here in this place and in the places that You lead us, today, and every day we live, Father.

It is in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Savior, and in the power of Your Holy Spirit, we pray, with thanksgiving and praise to You, O God! Amen!

The Path Continues…

Sing Your Hallelujahs ~

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Sing your hallelujahs,
sing your praises too
sing about your Father
who loves you.

Sing about His favor,
sing about His kingdom
sing about the joy
of knowing His wisdom.

Sing your hallelujahs,
sing your praises too
sing to the whole world
why Jesus loves you.

Sing about His forgiveness,
sing about His grace
sing about His peace
when you seek His face.

Sing your hallelujahs,
sing your praises too
sing about your Savior
who came to save you.

Sing about heaven,
sing about the day
when the Lamb of God
will take you away.

Sing about faith,
sing about trust
sing about the Goodness
of a God who is just.

Sing your hallelujahs
sing your praises too
sing about the hope
that lives inside you!


Psalm 47:6

“Sing praises to God,
sing praises:
sing praises unto our King,
sing praises.”

King James Version
Public Domain

Copyright 2017

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